What would you take?


With all the wildfires and forest fires going on this August and September of 2017, many people are displaced from their homes, praying and wondering if they will have a home to go to when the fires have either burnt out on their own, or have been put out by the many firefighters and volunteers fighting the fires. Many people have had little notice to leave their homes, some are waiting to hear if they need to leave and to find a place to live until it is safe to come back to their homes, if their homes will even be there.


(This article gives a timeline of the fire)
“The Latest: Coast Guard closes Columbia River due to fire – The …
10 hours ago – The U.S. Coast Guard has closed the Columbia River to all vessel traffic … has closed an interstate highway and forced hundreds to leave their homes. … People at the White River Campground are being encouraged to leave.”
septfire2017 http://www.oregonlive.com/wildfires/index.ssf/2017/09/eagle_creek_fire_rages_in_colu.html

“Washington residents on evacuation notice after fire jumps Columbia …
13 hours ago – More than 100 people are at a shelter run by the Red Cross in Stevenson, Wash. … It’s pretty surreal but the view of as we were leaving the house which … from the Eagle Creek fire flew all the way across the Columbia River …”

“Eagle Creek fire grows overnight; rescue underway for hikers …
3 days ago – Gallery: Hikers trapped by Eagle Creek fire reunited with friends and family … trailhead, after a fire broke out near the popular Columbia River Gorge trail. … of Interstate 84 are being told to immediately leave their homes. … A portion of the Eagle Creek Trail had been closed for weeks due to another fire, the …”

“Ash covers Oregon cities, wildfire smoke chokes West | The Columbian
13 hours ago – The Eagle Creek fire has been burning in the Columbia River Gorge since Sept. … to warn residents on the Oregon side of the river to leave their homes. … 84 was closed in both directions because of thick smoke and falling ash and … People living in about 700 homes in and around the Columbia River …”
It is not just here locally, but across the world, too:
“As many as 37,000 residents have been forced to leave their homes and are … because of wildfires in 2003, when more than 50,000 people were … B.C. wildfire resources ‘stretched’ as around 37,000 residents forced to …https://www.thestar.com › News › Canada”
“Up to 40,000 people face being told to leave their homes as 34 high …
Jun 26, 2017 – UP to 40000 people face being told to leave their homes over fire safety …”

Would you be prepared for a natural disaster?, an earthquake, a fire, a flood, a tornado? What would you take at a moment’s notice – besides your family and pets? Is “it” easily accessible to grab and go? Is “it” packed away somewhere?

Perhaps you have “it” in a safe so if you have to go, you don’t have to worry about it while you are gone? Perhaps “it” is in a storage unit somewhere that is not in danger, or burnt_gun-safe-300x225
http://gunsafereviewsguy.com/articles/myths-about-gun-safe-fire-ratings/ 9 Myths about Gun Safe Fire Ratings

Perhaps the storage unit is in danger, but you and your family are not?


When your health is on the line, do you even think about “it”, or have you prepared ahead of time so you won’t have to worry about “it” when emergencies do arise. Disasters are never comfortable to think about, but you have precious memories that need to be cared for . Now is the time to prepare and plan ahead to protect what you have, so you can share it with many generations of descendants. Pass along to them the ways in which they can be protected. So many documents, photos, letters, and items have been lost to fires and flooding because of no protection or little protection or of not understanding how to protect them. Now is the time to learn all you can, in an affordable and manageable way to protect your family treasures. You can contact your local genealogical society, museum, archival center, library or even search on-line for ways to best protect the items you have.


Air Quality is important too:

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Summer is almost here, School is almost out, and life gets busy~

But don’t forget to document little times,as well as the big times:

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So who is that in the photo in the background we see?


The Clarke Reunion.

No date, only a couple of names.

It’s one of those photos that you have in a stack of photos of family and you know which side of the family they belong to, but there is no one to ask or that knows who the people are.

Do you recognize anyone in the photo? Do you have a similar or exact photo like it at home? Contact me. We are most likely related.

I know one person is Uncle Charlie Clarke.

That is why it is so important that we, right now, put names on the photos we have. We may know who they are today, but in 20 years will we really know who everyone is and how they are related or the situation/reason the photo was taken? What about those photos of your parents? Do your parents have them all named and where they are and the date of them?

Remember, 3 generations and the memories and names and stories are usually gone.



blog Here is a genealogy photo book we put together and gave to our children

Three Kings day is over, the end of the ‘Holiday Season’. The lights are down, the decorations are put away, the presents and paper and ribbons and cards will be put away by the weeks end. What now?
Don’t put those cards away! My cousin sent me a great idea for those cards, making a book out of them! Then they are all in one place and what in the world does this have to do with genealogy!?!

Think about the cards published 80 years ago, 50 years ago, even 30 years ago. How have they changed? Who sent them to you? What family letters or notes were put inside of them? What photos were sent to you-or-was the card a family photo or their family vacation? The current trend has been to send Year in Review letters.  Letters full of family information. Information that is now history, albeit, recent history, but a year or two or 10 will pass and it will be old history. Maybe you are not too excited about the letters with photos, or photocards right now, but your descendents will be so grateful to you for saving these for them to view. Be sure to put names on the photos if there aren’t any on them!

Let’s look at this Holiday Book as a great way to keep current family history organized and stored and easy to access in the future.

1)  2)  3)

1) http://www.writeclickscrapbook.com/.a/6a0115703fdafe970b0167605c1ac8970b-450wi

2) http://media-cache-cd0.pinimg.com/236x/99/7c/1c/997c1c5d43edc4b4b76154321042616a.jpg

3) http://img0.etsystatic.com/007/0/5704364/il_340x270.397317368_5no1.jpg

If you get invitations for Weddings, Baby Announcements, Every Day letters, Obituary’s and such, perhaps more could be had. You could use the school type pocket folders if you don’t want to get decorative with your holders.