Love letter from another Mother, for Father’s Day



I have my own opinion about draft dodgers, but I didn’t have to walk in their shoes, so it’s not my place to say one way or another. The fact is, we are all human beings and all in need of the same courtesies,  unconditional love that we want for ourselves.

But, this story is not about that, it is about life itself:

DNA test produces surprise and new family ties.

                I was reading the paper this morning, [what else to do on an early morning at a hotel], and as I thumbed through the sports page, here was the “>continued from 1c” part to the title above. I went back to the page, 1c, and began to read why there would be a DNA test results in the sports section. I was surprised to read the unfolding story that began in 1947. Earlier really, as far as life stories go. If a certain young man had not chosen a career in baseball, none of this story would even exist.

                I don’t want to give away the story with it’s twists and turns, and surprises of its own, please read it for yourself. It’s about adoption and not having the desire to find birth parents, because the adoptive parents were exactly that, parents. It’s about a doctor stating, You need to find out your family medical history. It’s about a life that began, but ended before it could be born. It’s about lives connecting that didn’t even know each other existed. It’s about …an epic love letter. It’s about more than all of this.

“God knows it hurts to let go, though,” the letter ends. “My thoughts and love will be with you three forever. Take care.”

And, it’s not the three you might assume.

This is one read you need to read it for yourself, here:

USA TODAY, Thursday, June 15, 2017

pages 1c and 4c

Titled – Major league revelation

[you will have to click to go to the right page and then grab the article and scroll up to read it]



More to help you find who or what you are looking for


More Help for your Search

Genealogy Raodshow on PBS, the webpage has a lot of helpful links for you.

Just one more resource to help you find your own family discoveries.

One Mistake After Another


One Mistake After Another

mistake 1 – very little preparation before the week

mistake 2 – pack the morning of the flight, leaving slippers at home

mistake 3 – pack chargers in a separate bag from the electronics

mistake 4- change seats on plane, now you have an aisle seat and can’t see out the window or get to visit with your spouse

mistake 5 – don’t make hard copies [written down on paper] of phone numbers or addresses or itinerary

mistake 6 – don’t set time and meet up place with spouse – rely on cell phones to be working

mistake 7 – don’t stay put at cousins, so if dying phone battery dies, you at least have a meeting place

mistake 8 – don’t have anyone’s phone numbers memorized

mistake 9 – drive in the general direction of where you think you should go, but can’t see out because the fog has set in and the night is getting dark early because of the fog

mistake 10 – don’t take photos of cousins while together

mistake 11 – again, later in the day, don’t take photos of other cousin while together

mistake 12 – don’t bring medicine for dry air conditions while sleeping

One Joy After Another

Joy 1 – have a really great time with grandchildren over the weekend for 3 Kings Day early

Joy 2 – know that the homestead will be cared for by reliable neighbor while visiting family

Joy 3 – instead of spouse leaving on business trip, you get to go and get to visit relatives while there

Joy 4 – get to ride on a twin prop airplane, fly through the clouds and have a beautiful view over the clouds

Joy 5 – good weather – no rain or snowing or ice on takeoff or arrival

Joy 6 – change seats and sit next to a wonderful young man making it a very enjoyable flight

Joy 7 – separate rental cars so one has the freedom to visit relatives and places during the week

Joy 8 – being able to drive a pretty blue vehicle to visit family and be in a place I love and enjoy

Joy 9 – finding and visiting relatives and spending time together in person

Joy 10 – driving back to the airport area and being able to use a phone book with a map to locate where I was and which direction to go from there

Joy 11 – driving to a gas station to get a map and use a phone and the 20 year old at the counter being so helpful and courteous and letting me use his own personal cell phone to call long distance to the only number I have written down. Then when no answer there, letting me make a long distance phone call again to the only number I could remember.

Joy 12 – our daughter answering her phone with an unknown number calling her

Joy 13 – our daughter being able to call her dad to tell him where I am

Joy 14 – the young 20 year old letting me call my daughter again to know she got in contact with her dad

Joy 15 – my spouse knowing where I was

Joy 16 – realizing I had packed all that I needed

Joy 17 – comfortable, warm, clean place to stay

Joy 18 – meeting another cousin and spending time together

Joy 19 – discovering a new historical site to visit

Joy 20 – kindness of strangers

Joy 21 – being able to return kindness to other strangers

Joy 22 – electricity, for warmth and light and refrigeration and plug-ins for all those electronic devices.

Joy 23 – honey and lemon tea to soothe a dry throat and nose [steam from the tea as you sip/drink it]

Joy 24 – having dinner with my spouse and breakfast and getting to spend the work week together

Joy 25 – taking a short evening stroll with my spouse

Joy 26 – Being Thankful 1- that I can trust in God so no matter what happens He will take care of me 2- for a really great day and all that I have to look forward to.

Eat Pie First


   cake and pastry display

I was thinking about one time when our kids were young, we went on a cross country trip. There was this one particularly long stretch of road on a very sunny day. It was a two lane road and in the distance we could see the freeway and what looked like a little town. As we got closer we saw a gas station and restaurant, pretty big place and most welcoming. We went inside ordered water and pie and then went to the restroom to wash up and refresh after the long drive. piece of chocolate cake with cherry and strawberryWe went back to our seat and ate our pie and then ordered our meal. All the while there was this lady across from us in another booth that kept looking over at us. When the meal was nearly done, one of the kids had to use the restroom again. We headed there and this woman also headed that way. When we washed our hands the woman kept acting like she wanted to say something and finally she did. I thought, oh boy, here it comes, she is going to talk about what misbehaved kids we have and so on, but No. Surprisingly she said, My mother would never give us desert first, but you did and your kids ate it and then they ate all their dinner. I am so impressed and what well behaved kids they are too.

Well, that isn’t what I was expecting at all!

wineglass and napkin in restaurantAnother time when we went to a restaurant on a different family trip, there was hardly anyone in the restaurant, and we asked for a separate table for the kids. The wait staff looked horrified and said we can’t do that, and we said, it is okay they are well behaved and we do it whenever we go out to eat. They said they had to ask the manager and the manager told them that they would do it, but if the kids caused problems or misbehaved, we would have to all sit at one table. hmm, we thought, what kind of kids do they usually get here?.

The kids sat at their own table, next to ours of course, and when it came time to order their food, the waiter kept asking us if it was okay they ordered this item or that item and my husband finally said to let them order what they want, it is okay, they know that if they order it and don’t eat it, they have to pay for it and next time we order for them. He said okay. They got their food, wait staff kept looking around the corners and watching them. We weren’t concerned, we knew our kids and their behavior. When we were all done, a few of the wait staff came over and complimented us on the kids and how surprised they were that the kids did so well at their own table. The next vacation we took and stopped by this same restaurant, we weren’t even questioned when asking for two tables.

vanilla_coffeeBut several times we have been complimented on how well our kids behaved in the restaurants.

My husband and I always try to repay the kindness and compliment parents when their kids have behaved well in restaurants or other such busy public places.

Why am I telling this here, on a genealogy blog? It is important to share stories with your family, even if it is to remind the kids, grandkids, or nieces and nephews about their childhood. Then ask them what they remember about that time. It also gives me a chance to write it down- for them- for later.

(Thank you to J.R.Watkins at for the use of the photos)

Resources, more


Is your email full of helpful resources? Are you utilizing the plethora of genealogical resources available to the world, to you?

Wow, that would be an accomplishment!

There is too much information that it would overload any one person if they had all of it in your face everyday!

What to do?  I am going to just give you a few insights that I have showing up daily in my email, that I don’t use every day of the year, but they are there to remind me that help is only a click away…so to speak.

Family Tree University – classes to learn more

Family Tree Magazine – suggestions and helps more info to help out good history help

TheGenelogist more history

Archives –  lots of informaiotn

Historical Society of …[you can enter your own place here] – this is a specific Historical Society of a place that my ancestors lived. They have lots of information about my family. I support them even though they are clear across the nation, because, they are caretakers of my and others family histories/documents/photos/items and I want to see they stay in business.If not for my family, for others. They are VERY (yes I am shouting how important they are, because they are very important) to anyone that wants to find out about their family. 

A Historical Society has many helpful resources and insight. Use them!

S&N Genealogy Supplies – always helpful

World Vital Records – yes they have them – good to keep up with what is happening specific to my family lines and my cousins

and then there are a few that are specific to people who email me at least once a month.

Just a few to help you along, there are many more that may be more specific to your family, some specific to your country of origin, your state, your province, your area, your county, your city or town or village. Search them out to get some ‘reminders’ that are visible to you each week. Even if you don’t actively use them daily, the reminders are there to let you know you are not alone on this journey.


Binder in the wall


What a great idea!

What would you put in your “Time Capsule” for future generations to find?

How would you start looking for this person?, Contact the news like these people did, check to see what you can find for connections and see if anyone has her in their family tree and would want this? Put it on social media (I saw this on Facebook, someone posted it under our town). Take and ad out in a paper?



Medical Terms our ancestors used … Are those real?


We had one family member with Milk Legs. What a weird name we think today.

But it may be good to make a list to see of any of the medical terms are genetic. We have a letter from a cousin that talks about hay fever and allergies.


Here are some ‘fun’ websites: