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Moving to bare land and starting from the ground level takes much longer and much more time than one would think. Thus blogging has taken a step back while life goes on.

So what have I discovered in my spare time about this wooden silo?

This brick wall is solid and I’m not getting through or around it. Researching a little one purpose in life so far grain silo has proven to be most difficult.

shipWhat have we discovered?:

The wooden Silo is:

1.  made of wood and the wood is most likely Douglas Fir,                                                                                                                    tight grain, soft and a white wood
2. the nails have flat heads, and from what I am able to gather from a nail expert,                                                         seem to be about late 1930’s into the 1940’s
3. the only documentation on the property is dated 1907
4. the era of wooden silo’s tends to be around 1870 to 1950’s, though steel bins began                                                                       the early 1930’s to present time

more about silos and grain bins

history of cgc bin storage program 1933 -1975 – naldc

and this web page has some great photos and videos

Thursday, December 1, 2016
Steel Grain Bins: Construction


here is an abstract of something I thought you might find interesting

(1920) History of the Silo, The (AJ)

So, where does that leave us on this treasure map of adventure?


We have come to the end of the search. I wasn’t able to gain any more information relating to the wooden silo itself, and without doing a complete and in-depth family history [which I currently have neither the time nor the request, of or from, the family who owned the property] we are going to leave it as it is.

The complete reconstruction will not be moving forward until next spring~ as construction is rampant in the area and schedules are full until then. For now, it is set to hold its curves during the winter and allowed to rest a while longer before spring activity stands it upright and puts it in full use again.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Greetings of the Holidays!




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