Using Google Earth, old photographs and old maps


What an exciting find today!

(tell me, how are your 52 weeks of genealogy going? If you are on schedule with me, you are on week 4)

Google maps and your genealogy.

A great podcast slash video using Google Earth  and your old photographs and old maps and a bit of thinking to find your ancestors with Google Earth.


I really was intrigued by the name changes of roads and how to use old maps to find new street names and so on.

Have fun and take a couple hours to work along with the podcast slash video


Exciting news on writing your family story!


My cousin just discovered a website that actually incorporates history of the world with your family members time line.
History Lines

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iconHistoryLines iconHistoryLines2

So what did I find out when I clicked on the story line for one of my ancestors? Good news! I didn’t have something correct- so now I get to find the error and correct it.

That is good news, it helps to keep information accurate.

I also found out what was going on in their little corner of the world during the time they lived, hygeine, wars, work, living conditions.

Check it out and see what you think.

No April Fool’s Joke


Blog 1 April, 2015

No April Fool’s Joke

I saw a great idea to pass on to my grandchildren and keep our family history easy and fun:

What I am going to do is copy and paste each week into MSWord and substitute Sarah’s name and info with my name and info. I will do this same concept for each consecutive week. Then each week I can mail a page to my grandchildren and at the end of 1 year they will have a history of their grandmother and have their current information in it too!.

52 Weeks of Genealogy – Week 1 – How Did You Get Your Name?

52 weeks of Genealogy. Join the fun!! 

Week 1:  How did you get your name? What does your name mean?
I was named after my beautiful great grandmother, Thelma Sarah Lewis. Here’s a family photo of her parents and 12 siblings; she was the 5th of 15 children. She’s on the bottom right in the photograph.

Sarah means Princess.

Now it’s your turn. How did you get your name? What does your name mean?

Keep it short and simple and it becomes easy.