It’s Summer!


Life is busier when the days get longer and warmer. Time to get all those outside projects done, visit family and friends, vacations, camping, and so on the list goes.

Image“The Meeting of the Hounds” engraved by J.T.Willmore after a picture by Eugene Lami, published in Summer and Winter in Paris, 1844.

What about genealogy? Keep it going; during a quiet evening after the days work and the evening meal is consumed, take some time to jot down a few lines about what keeps you busy in the summer. If you have time, expand on this and tell what kept you busy in summer as a child, what about your parents or grandparents, aunts and uncles. Maybe you will have a memory that you can put down on paper.

Maybe not. It may be a good time to tell stories to your children. Pass those stories down about your families. Tell them about your family coming to America or about where your family is from. You don’t have to go into all of it in an hour. Just tell them some of the history, so they know where and who they came from. Tell them that the next time, you will tell them more about their family- Perhaps you can find an intriguing story to start with.

Image“Taking Pleasure” (family outing) drawn and etched by Richard Dagley, published in Takings, or, the Life of a Collegian, 1821.

==>Now for those that are more serious and determined about getting as much done as possible:<==

Think on this — with technology changing so fast, those A drives? ever try to find one to read the 3.5 disc’s? Nearly impossible now, and the zip drives or jaz drives, or even try to find a computer that has the ports to read them! Even today’s  CD’s, DVD’s are changing. Now may be the time to make hard copies of the family information you have. Letters, emails, text messages, recordings on cassette or digital recorders, MS Word files, and of course remember the digital images!

Use Archival paper– it will last and not fade out. Have you noticed how fuzzy some of the copies printed 8 or 18 years ago are? You want those important family items saved for your descendants to enjoy!


“Mausoleo O Tempio Di Bacco” (Rome) set of eight architectural copper plates published in Giovanni Battista Cipriani’s Monumenti di Fabbriche Antiche…, Rome, 1796. Slight foxing in a few margins (outside plate mark), otherwise good condition and with plate marks.

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Enjoy your summer and your family and your genealogy! I know I sure am – so you may not get as many blogs in the next 3 months, but don’t give up on me!

This is a good time to go back and re-read the first blogs on the 6 parts of starting genealogy. Sometimes if you can’t find anything on a relative, just start with their name, date of birth and place of birth and see where it takes you. Every year new and different information gets discovered and digitized, this may be the year you find that information you have been looking for!


What did my dad ever see in my mother and vice versa? Or Jumping to conclusions.


I know my parents met at a dance. I know where and in what town and state. I don’t know when but I do know about how long before they got married. Mom told me about a couple of their dates. One time during field work – they were all farmers in that area – her and her siblings and friends all went to a dance and dad and mom went out to the car to take a break and talk. Next thing they knew they were waking up from having fallen asleep,  it was dark, the dance was closed up and no one was around! Was her dad ever going to be mad at her for being out so late! I asked her, didn’t you hear the cars start up and she replied, everyone there thought it would be funny to be quiet and push the cars away from the dance hall -[ it was a community hall actually] – and then start them up down the road. Funny to her sisters and brothers and friends, but not to my grandpa and grandma when she got home. He was so mad at her for not getting home until past 2 am and she was so hurt for disappointing him and her mom. All was forgiven when the truth was found out later. But right then it was straight to bed, there was still more work to be done in a few hours. (This was the early 1940’s so automobiles were very different then from now).

Parents love their children and don’t want car accidents, or taken advantage of, or make choices that would give them a hard and sad life ahead of them.

But what did my parents see in each other? My mom was beautiful and skinny, that is what attracted my dad at first. My dad was very handsome and a little shy like my mom and good natured. They both were from farming families. Now were there other suitors for my mom, we have one letter written to her before her marriage. It was from a gentleman in the military and he made jokes throughout the whole letter. It is great fun to read. However the name and most of the address were chewed by a rodent, so we don’t know who it was – [I should call my aunt today and ask her if she knows]. We can only guess that mom kept the letter because it was written with joy and that for whatever reason it didn’t work out. That is good, or I would not be here today!

My parents, like any couple had some rough times to go through, but what do I remember as their daughter? My memories are not the same as my oldest sister, 6 years older and she was older during some of the tough times, so her memories are different. This is good, because between all of us kids, we can get a more complete story of our parents lives. I got to see my parents play together by doing things together that they enjoyed.

My dad used to sing songs. Sometimes he would put his hands in his pockets and shake the change and sing, “I wish I was single again, for when I was single my pockets would jingle, oh I wish I was single again.”  Sometimes my mom would be so ‘putout’ at him as she would say, other times she just laughed at him. Sometimes while she was cooking our meals, he would walk into the kitchen and start singing to her, “Hey hey good looking, what ‘cha got cooking, how’s about cooking something up with me?” and it always brought a smile to my mom’s face.

Both of my parents would joke, if the phone rang or we ask who’s here or anybody home, they would reply with, “nobody here but us chickens!”. Recently, I received a CD from Phil Harris and wouldn’t you know it, there was this song on it called, Nobody here but us chickens! (Phil Harris was the voice of Baloo the bear on Disney’s Jungle Book cartoon movie).

What fun things did your parents do that was uniquely for them?

Binder in the wall


What a great idea!

What would you put in your “Time Capsule” for future generations to find?

How would you start looking for this person?, Contact the news like these people did, check to see what you can find for connections and see if anyone has her in their family tree and would want this? Put it on social media (I saw this on Facebook, someone posted it under our town). Take and ad out in a paper?